Carthak the Empire

What (if anything) is further south than Carthak?

Tammy: Actually, Carthak is everything south of Carthak, because the Empire conquered it all! (While I base things in certain cultures, that’s just for names, fashions, furniture, architecture, etc. History and geographical location are my own.) But here’s what was there (the old national boundaries are somewhat preserved, but they’re now provinces, ruled by a governor appointed by the emperor):

Siraj (seer-AHJ)
was to the east, along the southern coast of the Inland Sea

Zallara (zhah-LAHR-ah)
to the immediate south of old, original Carthak (where the capital is now): Kaddar’s father was born in Chelogu, part of old Zallara

Amar and Apal (ah-MAHR and ah-PAHL)
twin city-states south and east of Zallara

Ekallatum (eh-kahl-lah-TOOM)
in the far south, reaches to end of continent at the Frozen Sea

Shusin (shoo-SEEN)
south and east of Amar and Apal

Yamut (yah-MOOT)
farthest eastern part of empire, east of Shusin

SOURCE: [7156]